Animals of the English Countryside

Josephine II - Aviva Halter-Hurn

Limited edition prints of British wildlife including foxes, hares and other British animals by a selection of fine printmakers, including Aviva Halter-Hurn, Irene Brierton and Mary Ann Rogers. Aviva Halter-Hurn is well known for her sepia pen & ink drawings, and is also a sculptor and potter. Using the techniques of Durer and rembrandt, Aviva's sensitive limited edition prints have a timeless quality which unites the past with the present.

Wildlife artist Irene Brierton specializes in superbly detailed watercolours of the native wildlife of this country. A great deal of her time is spent out in the countryside, often during the hours of darkness, observing the wild subjects of her paintings, amongst them, hares, owls, otters, foxes and badgers. She takes great pleasure in capturing those fascinating encounters, spending hours to accurately portray her animals, birds and the wild flowers in the countryside that they inhabit.

Mary Ann Rogers has consistently been in the top 5 published artists according to the Fine Art Trade Guild. Mary Ann is a self-taught artist who began painting at a very early age and has become one of the most acclaimed watercolour painters of her subjects in Britain.

All boys together - Mary Ann Rogers

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